Arvin Ferrie Cruz Ordonez

July 28, 1989

About Candidate




Bachelor of Science in Aviation Major in Flying 2007 - 2011
Air Link International Aviation College

Graduated in Bachelor of Science in Aviation, Major in Flying.

Work & Experience

Flight Instructor March 1, 2017 - February 28, 2020
Air Link International Aviation College

• Explain and instruct the importance of Airplane Procedures and Maneuvers during flying. • Maintain competence in flying at all times by continuing education, keeping up to date on the latest concepts and ensure proficiency in flying through training and practice. • Develop instructional materials based on practical analysis and insights. • Provide assistance as subject matter expert and provide other relevant supporting materials to instruct students of various levels of experience, ability and background. • Administer and utilize effective pilot skill level to provide efficient flight instructions in line with established procedures and regulations. • Develop instructional modules to include a broad range of topics such as operation procedures, aircraft systems, emergency procedures and navigation according to company procedures and policies. • Maintain student progress report and provide special coaching and counseling for weaker students

Flight Instructor Trainee April 1, 2015 - February 28, 2017
Air Link International Aviation College

Trained and practiced the following airplane procedures and maneuvers as follows: • A/S control take-off procedures. • Straight and level, use of flaps, climb and descend, radio. • Traffic pattern – power on and power off stall. • Airspeed control take-off procedure. • Straight and level, climb and descending turns, touch and go. • Simulated emergency procedure. • Straight descends and descending turns. • Steep turns, maneuvers during slow flight. • Maneuvering during slow flight entry to power-on stall. • Entry power-on stall. • Entry power-off stall. • Straight and level flight. • Constant airspeed climbs. • Constant airspeed descend. • Recovery from unusual flight attitude. • Simulated landing and approach. • System and equipment malfunction. • Go around procedure power off 180’ (degree) side approach. • Power-off 180 degree side approach straight and level flight. • Straight and level flight. • Straight climb and climbing turns. • Level turns, straight climb and climbing turns. • Straight climb, climbing turns and straight descend. • Straight descend and descending turns. • Straight and level flights, level turns, climb and descend. • Airspeed control, use of trim tabs, use of flaps. • Steep turns and recovery from unusual altitude. • Traffic pattern and go-around procedures. • Slip to a landing.

Ground Instructor June 2, 2014 - March 31, 2015
Air Link International Aviation College

• Provide satisfactory education and flying instructions to aspiring student pilot. • Provide training to students for flying aircrafts. • Evaluate students knowledge and skills and develop student’s weakness to strengths. • Ensure the safety of students when using aircrafts by having regular inspections of aircrafts, checking weather reports, matching the level of competence of students to complex training and instructions. • Ensure that the standard learning and performance of students are effective and efficient.


Microsoft Excel and Word