Shreyansh Chhetri

May 8, 1991

About Candidate

Experienced Assistant Manager with a demonstrated history of managing client relationships and coaching individuals to develop their soft skills. Skilled in customer service, team management, and efficient work practices. Previous experience as a soft skills and language trainer for British Airways. Seeking a challenging role that will utilize my skills and expertise.

Experience: Assistant Manager – Warehouse, XYZ Company

Managed client relationships and handled client calls to ensure effective communication
Coached team members to develop their soft skills and fostered strong work ethics
Oversaw daily operations to ensure efficient work practices
Soft Skills and Language Trainer, British Airways

Developed and implemented soft skills training to enhance communication, customer service, and inter-personal relations
Conducted language training to enhance communication with non-native English speakers
Coached individuals and teams to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.


Excellent customer service skills
Strong team management abilities
Efficient work practices
Effective communication
Soft skills training
Language training