October 7, 2000

About Candidate

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m SUVISESHA KUMAR R and recently, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering with 88.5% of marks. During my graduation, I completed my internship at Aerostat Aviation located in Bangalore. I also got the opportunity to work at Garuda Aerospace in Chennai. I was assigned several duties there, including assisting HR, drone piloting, assisting the inventory manager, maintaining the drones, GCS operator, Survey of India project, etc. Hence, my overall understanding and knowledge in this field have made me competent enough to handle any project. I am extremely dedicated to my work and profession and therefore, I can assure you of the utmost safety and reliability in my work. I’m having good communication skills and leadership qualities. I have done a project on interplanetary organisms in humanoid forms that were awarded second prize by ISRO. My final year project was about a triphibian drone that can travel in the air, rove on land, and surf on the water’s surface. We successfully designed and made a working model. Test flights were successfully completed too. I have completed the python certification course which includes syntax, variables, data types, conditions, loops, functions, data structures-lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries, OOPs, files, regular expressions, network programming, web services(JSON/XML), Database(SQLite) and data visualization. I’ve always wanted to learn everything and update myself, I’m a quick learner too.

I believe that my credentials perfectly match the available job requirements, so I request you consider my application. Kindly, let me know about the interview details as soon as possible. Please keep me informed at the provided contact details at your convenience. Look forward to meeting you in person for further conversation regarding job responsibilities.

Thank you.

Sincere regards


Suvisesha Kumar R



B.E-Aeronautical Engineering 2022

Completed Aeronautical Engineering degree with 89% of marks in may,2022.

Work & Experience

Internship Trainee October 17, 2020 - April 17, 2021
Aerostat Aviation

Completed basics of engine familiarization, aircraft maintenance and technical documentation.