Assistant Security Officer

Job Description

Job Description

Job Title Assistant Security Officer

Department Security
Reports to Senior Security Officer or Assistant Security Manager or Manager Security
Location Bangalore

Job Purpose
Competency to carry out security functions as per the regulatory guidelines.
Attend security briefing/debriefing and follow instructions and advisory issued by the station in charge/department.



  • Will report to the shift in charge/ Security station in charge and assist him in all his assignments.
  • He will maintain all records (Training Records, AEP records, etc) of the
  • airline security staff posted at the airport.
  • He/She will submit a daily report to his reporting manager covering all security matters at allocation.
  • He/She will be held accountable for any security lapse on his allocations.
  • He/She will closely coordinate with all staff of the airline and report all activities to the Security Officer on a day-to-day basis.
  • He will be responsible to maintain all security gadgets provided for the purpose.
  • Responsible for the following security functions:-
  • Access control to the aircraft;
  • Aircraft security search/security check during normal as well as bomb threat situation;
  • Screening of registered /unaccompanied baggage, cargo, mail and company stores, etc.
  • Surveillance of screened baggage till acceptance at check-in
  •  counters
  • Security control of the checked baggage from the point it is taken into the charge of the aircraft operator till loading into the aircraft
  • Passenger’s baggage reconciliation identification
  • (vii) Security of baggage tag, boarding cards, and flight documents
  • Security of mishandled/unaccompanied/transit /transfer/ baggage
  • Secondary checks at ladder point of aircraft;
  • Security of catering items from pre-setting stage till loading into aircraft
  • Security control of express cargo, courier bags, cargo, company stores, parcels, and mail bags, and escorted from the city side up to aircraft.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • Qualification – Any bachelor’s or Equivalent
  • Additional Qualification/ Certification X-Ray/Screeners qualified
  • Work Experience  1-3.5 years of work experience in the Security domain
  • Basic AVSEC qualification
  • Excellent communication skills,  Basic Security knowledge