Drone Pilot

October 10, 2022

Job Description

About the job

Role: Drone Production line Pilot

The drone Production line Pilot is the one who is responsible for Handling UAV flight tests in the production line and Keeping updated with respect to UAV Pilot Industry. Log analysis and ensuring the flight behavior of the drone for the production line.

Responsibility & Deliverable

  1. To ensure the Drone is configured for performing flight missions.
  2. Documenting Configuration report of the Drones.
  3. To ensure the drone is meeting the flight mission standards.
  4. Documenting Log & Flight test reports of the Production line drones.

Skills Required

  • Autopilot configuring & Troubleshooting
  • Understanding UAV Parts hardware.
  • Problem-solving capabilities.
  • UAV Piloting even when the UAV is unstable.
  • Good English & ability to understand technical documents.
  • Having quick reactions & good physical as well as mental agility.

Knowledge Required

  • UAS Avionics understanding.
  • UAS Parts.
  • Autopilot understanding & Configuring.
  • Troubleshooting capability.
  • Microsoft Office & Google sheets.

Qualification & Experience

  • Engineering background
  • Multirotor flying Experience: 200hrs (Must have)
  • Fixed-wing flying experience: 100hrs (optional)