Senior Flight Training Planning Officer

August 30, 2022

Job Description

The Senior Flight Training Planning Officer will provide effective management, coordination, and liaison applicable to the planning for Flight Training programs. The position drives and ensures effective management of various internal and external stakeholders to ensure the efficient and compliant delivery of the Flight Training program.

You’ll have skills to–

  • Effectively manage on behalf of the Training and Checking Department service providers to ensure the delivery of flight training
  • Act as the primary conduit with our Workforce Planning (WFP) team to communicate priorities and business needs with respect to resource allocation and training delivery timelines.
  • Drive cost-effective resourcing decisions in the delivery of flight training through the efficient allocation of Trainers and Check Pilots to Trainees
  • Be accountable for ensuring that any changes made to WFP practices are actioned in a timely manner by all stakeholders so there are no non-compliance alerts
  • Provide notification to Workforce Planning on matters that may disrupt the delivery of flight training programs
  • Ensure effective engagement and management of key suppliers (including suppliers of simulators and training facilities) and external training stakeholders
  • Ensure all Type Rating contracts and required paperwork is provisioned in a timely manner to enable Type Ratings.
  • Manage CASA Form 61-4CT processes are followed for overseas type ratings
  • Ensure all requirements for Travel, Hotel and Accommodation are scheduled
  • Manage the issue and recording of Flight Training Documentation in accordance with the Training & Checking Manual on behalf of the HOTC
  • Manage the oversight of scheduling practices as published by Workforce Planning to ensure consistency across Flight Training scheduling activities
  • Maintain applicable resources and administrative systems as required
  • Comply with Group Management Systems and Policy